MONTE VERITÀ - RAUMDEUTUNGEN. dance installations

MONTE VERITÀ - RAUMDEUTUNGEN examines the expanded modalities of reference between body and space developed in classical modernism from the perspective of dance and the visual arts. The starting point is the dance experiments created 100 years ago in the artists' colony Monte Verità. Under the artistic direction of Juliette Villemin, dancers and students of the Staatliche Akademie der Bildenden Künste Stuttgart explored the relationship between modern dance and visual art.

How much are the references established then still part of our understanding of body and space today?

© Uka Meissner


Artistic direction & choreography: Juliette Villemin
Scientific and artistic advice: Claudia Fleischle-Braun, and Gisela Sprenger
Choreography & Dance: Marina Grün, Èlodie Laurière, Sawako Nunotani, Kira Senkpel
Installations / Objects: Deborah Bay, Christine Braun, Laura Fröhlich, Nora Haser, Katarina Holstein, Julia Smolka
Performance: Sabrina Karl, Mira Simon
Projections: Viviana Gulli
Costume for solo Sawako Nunotani: Kerstin Stahl
Sound: Cristian Villafane
Lighting design: Siggi Kalnbach, Hanno Schupp
Lighting assistance: Lisa Mühleisen
Technical direction: Siggi Kalnbach
Technique: Daniel Frey
Production: Nele Ana Riepi
Photos: Uka Meissner
Video: Uwe Kassai
Graphics: Tina Kimmerle
Press work: Nicola Steller

Dates & venues

Premiere: 26.06.2014 at 7 and 9 pm

Further dates: 27 and 28.06.2014 at 7 and 9 p.m.
29.06.2014 at 6 and 8 pm //

Heusteig Theatre
In Heusteigstraße 45, Stuttgart 70180

Other venues:

Bauhaus Dessau , February 2014
Art Academy in Berlin, May 2014

Sponsors & Cooperation Partners

Supported by TANZFONDS ERBE - An initiative of the Federal Cultural Foundation as well as the Landesverband Freier Theater BW, the Stuttgart Cultural Office and the LBBW Foundation. In cooperation with the Produktionszentrum Tanz+Performance e.V. and the Staatliche Akademie der Bildenden Künste Stuttgart. Supported by teilchenbeschleuniger.

Thanks to the Performing Arts Archive / Akademie der Künste Berlin, the German Dance Archive Cologne, the Graphic Collection and Library / Kunsthaus Zurich and the Special Collections Dance Archive / Leipzig University Library.

Press commentaries (excerpt)

"The Stuttgart-based dancer and choreographer Juliette Villemin is currently recalling the lateral thinkers of yesteryear with her project "Monte Verità - Raumdeutungen" at the Heusteig Theatre. The title suggests that the Spaniard is concerned with a very specific aspect. But anyone who encountered the quotations that gather ideas from the pianist Ida Hofmann or the dancer Rudolf von Laban in the anteroom of the stage at Thursday's premiere quickly realises that space can also be synonymous. For oppressive order, for power and constraints, as Ida Hofmann noted."(Andrea Kachelriess 28 June 2014 , StN)

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