INTIMACY - a dance theater

Premiere September 29, 8 p.m. at Theaterhaus Stuttgart T3

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"What becomes clear is: True intimacy needs trust, demands risk. A captivating evening that makes you think and is fun." (Petra Mostbacher-Dix in the Stuttgarter Zeitung issue October 1-2, 2022)

"The concern of the choreographic production of this dance theater by Juliette Villemin, with the dramaturge and stage designer Bernhard M. Eusterschulte, not least thanks to the so authentic company with Anika Bendel, Arika-Lilach Boris, Francisco Ladrón de Guevara, Margarethe Weckerle and the performing percussionist Hans Fickelscher, convinces and touches. " (Boris Michael Gruhl in Tanznetz 10.10.2022) Intimacy Villemin Stuttgart (tanznetz.de)

© Daniela Wolf


When everything is public, what is still private? Hasn't the sale of the private, even the intimate, long since become social normality? Juliette Villemin & Team's dance theater explores questions like these for dance and its movement vocabulary.

Five performers, representing five generations, go in search of traces and, guided by the groove of a drum kit, gently and powerfully, sound out the relationship between the public and the private from the movement.

INTIMACY is the opening production of a multi-part project series in which the Compagnie Juliette Villemin & Team, in cooperation with TARTproduktion, explores the relationship between the public and the private from different perspectives. For this 3-year research project, it has received conceptual support from LaFT BW with funds from the Ministry of Science, Research and the Arts of Baden-Württemberg.