Cultural education

Juliette Villemin has been teaching children and young people at regular schools as well as music and dance schools since 2003. She offers further training and carries out numerous projects in the field of cultural education, in collaboration with various cooperation partners.


  • Co-conception and implementation of the dance project NEUland with refugee children of the arts organisation BLOMST!
  • Coordination and management of the dance projects in the primary school Gaisburg, Stuttgart-Ost, funded by the Kulturamt Stuttgart, since the school year 2019/20.
  • MUTUA, a project for refugee children in collaboration with Pilar Murube and selected for the programme "kubi in residence" of the Kulturamt Stuttgart, in cooperation with TanzSzene BW / KoKo-Tanz, 2018.
  • "Your Groove", cooperation with the Tanzschule Trossingen e.V. funded, among others, by "ChanceTanz" as part of the "Kultur macht Stark" programme of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, 2017.
  • Collaboration for various dance projects with the GWRS Schule Ostheim, Stuttgart, funded by the Kulturamt Stuttgart and Bezirksamt Stuttgart -Ost, since the school year 2015/16.
  • Collaboration for various projects with the Hector Children's Academy Marbach for the promotion of gifted children, 2013/14
  • "Kunststück", cooperation with Open_Musik e.V. sponsored by the Robert Bosch Foundation and awarded the "Kinder zum Olymp" prize, 2012.