For the new play PHOBIAGORA we need your cooperation! Tell us about your anxiety! Empathise with the following fictional situations and enrich the rehearsal process with your thoughts. These serve as inspiration and give us an insight into the realities of life outside our own horizon of fear and experience.

Important notice:

This questionnaire is NOT a scientific survey, but serves an artistic purpose. The situations are fictional, may be set in an uncertain future or seem unreal. Therefore, we ask you to participate with an awareness of the fictionality.

Answering all questions should not exceed a duration of 10 minutes, they can also only be answered individually. We would appreciate your consent at the end of the questionnaire that we may use the answers (in anonymous, abstracted and selected form) in our dance production. We assure you that we will treat your data confidentially, use it only in the context of the piece and not pass it on to third parties. Thank you very much!

Please read the privacy policy beforehand and agree at the bottom of the questionnaire.